Fix React Example to work with other local API

So I downloaded the React Sample in order to test my configuration of my Spring Boot Resource server. However, I found out that apiServer in the config is actually ignored, the code doesn’t read it if it’s set. There’s also no real documentation on how the api server should behave for the app to pass. The app gives really no feedback at all when it’s not working. It’d be nice if it’d do something other than silently fail on button click.

Hey there @xenoterracide !

I assume you are speaking to this React sample? Have you had a chance to explore the Developer Center resources at all?

maybe something went wrong in my generation, but the code generated was not correct AS STATED it ignored part of the config. The “developer resources” don’t mention changing it, but I needed to in order to make it recognize things.

I’m not using your spring boot stuff either. It’s not necessary these days. Spring has “resource server” which isn’t 3rd party and specific to your implementation. I actually don’t understand why you maintain that instead of documenting their solution.

Anyways, better things to do than chase down why your generator did what it did.

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