Rails + React configuration

I am using Rails for the backend and React for the frontend in my new project, they will be deployed separately. I’m a bit confused on how to implement Auth0, I took a look at this tutorial just to get some hands-on experience:

[React with React Router 6 (JavaScript) + Rails (Ruby) Code Sample: Basic Access Control for Hello World Full-Stack App](https://Tutorial from Auth0)

I guess my question is, could I use that tutorial folders for my project that I’m gonna deploy later or have I missed something very obvious?

Hi @HannaSwDn,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Could you elaborate on your question? Are you asking if you can just build on the existing demo project and deploy that?

Yes, exactly, I’m wondering if I can build on the existing demo project and then deploy that.

Yep, that should be no problem. Our quickstarts are all MIT licensed.

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