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Ruby on rails with react


Hi, I am very new to programming and need your help…I’ve set up AuthO with React(js framework) and I have a working user sign up/sign in. I am working on a project that combines React and Rails as a backend. When I just run npm start without my rails backend everything works fine but when I run rails s and try to sign up I get a message "No route matches [GET] “/callback”. Can anyone help me to figure out how to set up a route on Rails??? THANK YOU SO MUCH in ADVANCE!!!


Are you using a React Proxy to forward requests to Rails on the same machine? If so you need to add the callback route to your React Router. If not you are using rails routing for the main app, you might need to add a rails route to the rails routes.rb.

My guess is that your issue is on the react client side, where you don’t have routing set up properly for a localhost:client port/callback.