0Auth2 with Spring Boot back-end (resource-server) and React front-end (client)


The client React App is a simple pizza web store where a user can add items to cart, fill a form, and place an order, but no account registration, so no security. The resource server is a REST API built with Spring Boot providing the functionality to the front-end via endpoints and then accesses the db to persist orders.

The apps are also not sharing domains, meaning the react app is not served inside/with the spring boot app, but as a standalone.

Is it possible to use 0Auth2 user accounts registration/login/logout, etc. in my scenario? I’m thinking the authorization server would be the same as the resource server, but the login has to happen on the front-end since the resource server just serves resources over http, but not views with JSP/Thymeleaf pages, so I can’t wrap my head around of how to setup 0Auth2 in this scenario and I can’t find any guide either.

Any help/pointers in the right direction would be appreciated, thank you!

EDIT: I found this guide made by Auth0 that is exactly what I needed and it works great! Thanks ! For some reason that guide can’t be found directly using google search or not easily at least due to how it’s titled and no one is mentioning it on other sites.

Hi @lotario,

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Glad you were able to find a solution (and thanks for posting it :smile: )!

You may also find this doc useful:

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