Firefox scrolling doesn't work

This issue was previously reported, but is still/again unresolved.

We have a live instance where users on firefox aren’t able to scroll if the window size is too small/zoom is too big, because of the fields we need to collect at signup.

Hi @yonah-ref,

To confirm, you are on the current version of lock?


I can confirm the issue still exists sometimes (depending on browser size, especially width) in latest Firefox 73.0.1 (with standard ULP, no customization).
And it only happens in Firefox, not in Chrome for example.

I think it really depends on the size (esp. width) of the browser window for the scrollbars to show up.
I will report this internally again (just created a ticket).

For example: the password field isn’t showing but there are also no scrollbars:

If I narrow the browser window a bit more (smaller width), the scrollbars would appear. However, this shouldn’t depend on the width, but rather the height of the window.

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