Unable to scroll through Auth0 dialog box within the Firefox browser

Currently we have Auth0 integrated into our web application sign up process.

To view the Auth0 Dialog box in its entirety, scrolling would be required if the webapage zoom is set to 100%. [screenshots added]

I am unable to scroll using the Firefox browser. All other browsers work fine.

Note: I am using Firefox Quantum 64.0.2 (64-bit)))

Additional note: If you resize the width of the Firefox browser window so the media query kicks in, it works (ie you can scroll)

Any recommendations on how this could be resolved ?



Hey there @jovin.dcosta, when hitting your production instance of your login flow, I am unable to reproduce the issue. Are you seeing any errors in the console when you experience this?

On another note, it looks like you have a large amount of custom fields in the screenshots. Progressive profiling can really help streamline the sign up process.

A signup screen with 10-20 fields makes users hesitate before signing up. Many may not even sign up at all. To reduce barriers to entry, only require the minimum fields for signup and collect more information later. This is called progressive profiling. There are two ways you can perform progressive profiling with Auth0: the Management API and Rules.

Hi @jovin.dcosta, I wanted to follow up and see if you had any more details you could share on the challenge you were facing? Please let me know if I can still be of assistance. Thanks!

Hi @James.Morrison,


please try this link:

Its the test environment

thanks for your help

After talking with Support @jovin.dcosta, this should have been resolved on Lock 11.14 that was released 9 days ago. When you get a chance can you update accordingly? Thanks in advance!

I was hoping to follow up @jovin.dcosta and see if you got a chance to update your Lock instance yet? Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue, thanks!

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