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Bug: page won't load



When I try to log into the auth0 website to manage my account, I get stuck on the spinning auth0 logo. Looking at the dev tools, I see an error: “NotFoundError: Node was not found” on line 147 in dashboard.bundle.js

I’m running Firefox 62.0.3 on Windows.


Hey there @je_pd, are you seeing this same issue on other browsers and machines? When you get a moment can you DM me the details such as Email address you are trying to login with and tenant? Thanks in advance.


Other browsers: it works on Chrome and Edge on windows.

Other machines: Firefox on linux is failing in the same way.


@James.Morrison I am still getting this error. I did DM you. Let me know if there is more information you’d like.


Sounds great, I’ll dive in and take a look and let you know what I find. Thanks!


I wanted to follow up with you @je_pd and see if you have Content Blocking on Firefox enabled? If so can you disable this and give it another go? Thanks in advance.


I restarted firefox in safe mode (no extensions, etc) and the page loads.
Here is the console log when that happens:


And, back in normal mode - where I get the spinner, the console:


Manage to figure out that it was this extension causing the issue:

Really not sure what is going on there, but when that extension is disabled, I’m able to load the auth0 page.


Thank you for letting us know about the extension failure. We will definitely keep that in mind in the future when troubleshooting similar scenarios!


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