Hosted login page not loading in Firefox during automated test

Hi. We recently updated testcafe and testcafe-browserstack-provider and then our automated browser test started failing because it never fully loads the hosted login page (Please see the gif below). We ran the test about 5 times with the exact same result each time, we then rolled back our dependencies and the login page was then loading successfully again.

Browser: Firefox 78.0 / macOS 10.13

We do not get any helpful error messages, and there is no activity to be seen in the auth0 dashboard activity section.

hosted login page stuck at loading spinner

On last frame:
“please contact technical support”

Unfortunately I don’t have much more than this information to go with, and since its only happening on automated tests running on browserstack, I can’t inspect the page or monitor the network requests etc. I was hoping someone here could help me on how to debug this issue.



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Bump. We are still seeing this behavior and would like some guidance on how we can investigate or debug what is going on.

I face a similar issue while using Cloudflare Warp VPN. When the VPN is enabled, my web app is not able to redirect to Auth0 Universal Login Page. Browser just keeps showing loading spinner but nothing happens. It happens intermittently and stop happening when I disable the VPN.