Actions UI does not scale properly on Brave (14in) + other UI bugs

First of all, sorry if this isn’t the right place to report bugs or if this issue has already been addressed; I couldn’t find it reported anywhere else.

I have a Lenovo T440 (14 inches screen - 1366x768) and I have trouble seeing the test JSON editor when testing custom actions on the dashboard.
The most extreme case (see screenshot) is on Brave but I tried with Chrome and Firefox and the window is very small, almost unusable.

I can only use it when de-zooming about 30-50%, I guess your UI designers/frontend devs have nice big monitors and that’s why this bug happens to exist. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to be able to click on the low-right border and drag it down to make the editor bigger.

Also I have noticed 2 other bugs on the UI:

  1. Notice the “FOOVAR” on the bottom-left, under the editor ?
  2. Sometimes I have trouble with the cursor, I click somewhere in my code and the cursor appears a few characters before where I clicked. When I move the cursor with the arrow keys it skips the end of the statement and goes to the line under, like if it arrived at the end of the line (although it doesn’t). I only had this bug on Brave (which I use to access the dashboard), I tested a bit with Firefox but not much, this bug wasn’t encountered.

Note: After closing and re-opening Brave, the cursor bug is gone (note that I have 65 tabs opened :sweat_smile: )

UI bug on Brave - the “Event” editor is around 1px in height (I don’t have a bookmark bar or anything on top)

The cursor bug

I hope this post can help, cheers

Hi @zyriab,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thanks for the detailed feedback (the screenshots are very helpful!). I am going to report these bugs to the team. Thanks!

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