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I am not sure if it is only me, but the cursor in the custom action editor is a few positions off? I’m using chrome Version 90.0.4430.212. I’ve resorted to using notepadd++ and then copying and pasting the whole script in the editor.

Hi @smendoza88,

Thanks for reporting this! After a quick test, I am not able to create this on chrome Version 90.0.4430.212. Just to get more info about this issue before notifying the appropriate team, if you try this in a new incognito window is the cursor still off?

Thanks again!


Hello Stephanie,

Looks like it was an chrome extension CSS Peeper causing the problem. After turning it off it worked fine.


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I get the error in both Chrome Version 90.0.4430.212 and in Microsoft Edge Version 90.0.818.66 - both in incognito mode.

I can solve it by opening developer tools and enter the command monaco.editor.remeasureFonts() in the console (according to

Of course it only work in the current session - it is not a permanent solution

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Leif Stig Andersen

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