Issues logging in using custom login and MFA on Firefox

I have an issue where all browsers but Firefox work fine. I have a custom login page that takes a username and password and sends them off to Auth0 using the ‘loginWithCredentials()’ function. Once the credentials are verified by Auth0, users are directed to complete MFA (Guardian). However, on Firefox, users are redirected immediately to the login page again after the browser attempts to send them to the hosted MFA page but before you can actually see anything on the screen. It’s like you enter your credentials, the browser tries to go somewhere, but fails so fast it looks like a refresh. On the Auth0 dashboard, you can see that the user was sent to MFA in the logs, but then obviously never passed MFA. On the other hand, each user’s log does not show that the user even attempted to login. When debugging rules to check if the user needs MFA, I can clearly see the user is passed through to the next step, but it’s hard to see what happens after that. I have other apps that use enterprise authentication using Auth0, which multi-factors a bit differently, and those work fine. It must be related to the MFA. Let me know if I can provide any more information.

Also, we have had this same issue on Chrome for just one user. Could there possibly be some type of setting on Chrome that would prevent MFA from coming through?

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