Firebase Auth with Auth0 as the OIDC Provider - Safari issues

We are using firebase auth for our application with Auth0 as the OIDC Provider. So all of our user management, login/logout is handled by Auth0. We did not setup custom domains yet and here’s what we are seeing:
When used in chrome, the app redirects to Auth0, auth0 successfully logs the user in and then Auth0 exchanges Auth Code for Access Token. Firebase then authorizes the user just fine.

However, in safari, it logs the user in fine but it doesnt proceed to the next step of Auth Code Exchange.
Here’s the log where you can see Successful Login and Successful Exchange on top (which was done in Chrome) but only Successful Login at the bottm (which was done in Safari)
I played with Safari Settings based on the forums here but no luck so far.

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Hi Bharath,

Thanks for reaching out to Auth0 Community!

Please try out adding refresh token rotation implementation in auth0. Configure Refresh Token Rotation.