Auth0 with Firebase integration on iOS (Swift)

I’ve been looking around for a solution to connect Auth0 with Firebase since I intend on using Firebase for storing user data. I’ve seen references on old blog posts on how to integrate the two services together, however those blog posts have since be removed.

Is there any documentation on how to setup this entire process?

What I’m imagining the entire process to look like is that the user signs into the app via Auth0’s Universal Login page (either via social login or username+password). The app gets a Auth0 accessToken and refreshToken that’s stored locally in keychain. Using the AT, it somehow gets a firebase token for that user to access that user’s stuff on firebase (presumably based on some unchanging userID), at which time, that firebase token is then used to return whatever data is stored with firebase.

Maybe I have the wrong idea of what the process should look like, in which case, please correct me.