Firebase integration doesn't work

I just want to have a way that when a user signs in with auth0 then they can access my firebase database the reason why I choose was firebase was just stupid to not have a way users to sign in with username/password…

but it seems a lot of work to do and after following

Nothing works, the example itself doesn’t work when signing up, so it is outdated, im surprised, there is no way around?

my index.html is a simple as May 20, 2022 - Codeshare

my app.js loos like this Jan 25 7:34 AM - Codeshare

what im I doing wrong? after login in nothing happens from firebase side, checked if I can use the database to add something and no im not authenticated.

They removed the ability to delegate tokens as of June 2017 for all new accounts. No word yet if you can even use Auth0 and Firebase together anymore. Nobody from Auth0 even responded to your question since July 2nd? Not sure what is going on with Auth0, feels like it’s going down the tubes.

I too have been asking about the firebase integration. The least they could do is warn us. ‘’ is the legacy grant type that allows delegation which is now longer granted for new clients. They now urge to use oauth/refresh flow which is not possible with SPA.

wrote this article as a possible workaround

So if I’m a new potential auth0 user who absolutely needs firebase integration, I shouldn’t be here it seems…? Seems this lack of support for firebase seems to be a recurring theme. It would be a big shame however, as it would’ve been mega helpful…