Find the user logged in from IP address

I think there should be a way to find the user login based on the IP address used, but querying users based on last_ip produces no results for the IP address that I’m trying to track down. I see that there are some IPv6 addresses in the user history. If my server logs have IPv4 addresses, is there some possibility that the IP address in Auth0 would be IPv6?

Hi @jwb,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Generally, the Management API get users endpoint is the preferred way to query for a list of users and filter for their last_ip.

However, if you are encountering issues, could you please clarify if the user’s IP address is one that was used in the past but not necessarily their last IP?

or is it specifically their last IP address?

Note that in the former, there is the option to use a Post-Login Action to set the user’s IP address in the user_metadata as an array of IP addresses. This way you can keep a record of all the historical IP addresses if needed for your filtering.

Could you please provide me with more information about the connection type and the logs of this event?

Thank you.