Auth0 users sign up IP

We have an urgent request from auth0. Can you get back to us with answers to the following questions asap please?

  • How is the geoip calculated from IP on the auth0 side request context, and whether it’s reliable enough for us to utilize and take actions based on that?
  • Is there a way for us to determine the sign up IP for all our user base on auth0? we can see there is a last_ip, but we’re specifically interested in the sign up ip

Hi there @narges.fallahi! I’ll give this a go.

This is handled by a 3rd party service and is certainly reliable enough to take actions based on.

Are you looking to retroactively determine the IP that was used to sign up for all of your users? I’d have to do a little research if that is the case. Moving forward, we do provide a Post User Registration Action that could be used to pull the IP and/or geoip from every user that registers. Additional helpful resources:

Let us know!

@tyf yes i’m looking for a backfill. currently i’m utilizing auth0_logs that we stored to backfill for users, but i was wondering if there’s another way i can retrieve this for our user base if we didnt capture the users’ sign up event and its lost now

Thanks for confirming!

You could use the Management API to get logs and query on the ss param (successful signup) but this is still going to be utilizing the logs your tenant has based on the retention period for your Auth0 subscription.

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