Get the geo-location of users

Is there anything built in to Auth0 or an extension/plugin that can help me get the location of users (based on signup or last login). I’d like to do this for all existing users rather than do a lookup when they register/login.

If not, I see that I can get the user last login IP address. Are there any good third party tools anyone can recommend that can take a CSV of IP addresses and return location or an API I can call to get the data.


You can see the last login IP and using that IP you can call google geo.apify API to get the location details of any IP.
I hope it will help in resolving your issue. If you need any further help we are here.

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Thanks, this looks like the way to go. One of these IP to location providers should build something for the market place.

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Thanks Rashid for sharing that potential solution!

Happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Really appreciate that!

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