How to read/interpret "last_ip". it does not look like an ip

I am looking a user that is logged in and I see in the auth0 account a “last_ip”. The long number that is there, looks more like a mac address than an IP. How do I turn that into an IP? (like
thanks for you help!

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Hey there @mkidushim welcome back!

I have a hunch that the value you’re seeing is an IPv6 address as opposed to IPv4 :slight_smile:

I am looking at the auth0 page for the user and it has the name “last_ip” under that app_metadata area. I would think that if it says “last_ip” that they should actually put an IP address. So that is what is confusing. I don’t see IPv6 or IPv4 . where would that be and then, still, how to do convert it to an IP? thanks!!

this is what it says…


I believe this is an IPv6 address - I suspect if you inspect other users you may see IPv4 addresses for last_ip as well. As far as I’m aware there’s no way to convert an IPv6 address to anything else.

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