File name same as client name?

This is regarding running import during Auth0 deploy CLI.

  1. Im using directory based import. Does file have to be named same as the json name i.e client or org or connection name.
    For example can i have a file named under client folder call client.json and client.json contains a sample json below and client name like “Client XYZ”?
  "is_token_endpoint_ip_header_trusted": false,
  "name": "Client XYZ",
  "cross_origin_auth": false,
  1. Also when i run the import function how do i make sure that it does not delete other existing client, org or connection not specified the directory. I just have “AUTH0_ALLOW_DELETE”: false, is this sufficient. What does “AUTH0_ALLOW_DELETE”: true does?

Any help is appreciated.

@dan.woda @thameera

Hey @tib10, from a cursory look at the code the filename doesn’t seem to matter for clients. But if you run the export it will always name the files with the same name as application names. So for simplicity’s sake, you can keep the filename same as the app name to avoid confusion.

If AUTH0_ALLOW_DELETE is set to true, Deploy CLI will delete entities that are in the tenant but not present in your local directory. It’s set to false by default, but you can explicitly set it to false in the config to be sure. You can test the setup in a dev/testing tenant before moving to your prod, especially if you have concerns of the behavior.


Thanks for your insight @thameera !


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