Auth0 import is throwing error: Names must be unique

I tried to export auth0 settings, I could do this without any problem but when it comes to import it is throwing error for duplicate clients, is there any workaround to allow duplicate clients getting restored?

Hi @sebasiaco , thanks for taking this question,
tried running a0deploy import -c=config.json --input_file sample/tenant.yaml --force
Still I am getting same error

Sorry about that. Can you please share the error message? When client already exists, it should be updated by the cli (instead of trying to create it). Thank you.

2019-03-01T16:06:12.988Z - error: Problem running command import during stage validate when processing type clients
2019-03-01T16:06:12.989Z - error: There are multiple clients with the same name combinations
      [["My App","My App"]].
       Names must be unique.

If you are getting the above error, you’ll need to edit your yaml file to avoid having clients with the same name. The CLI is using name as an identifier, because ids cannot be imported. So the name must be unique. It’s by design, see Cannot import in YAML format with duplicate client names · Issue #98 · auth0/auth0-deploy-cli · GitHub

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Thanks @sebasiaco for clarifying.

Our infrastructure creates applications and resource servers (api) with same name, so want to know if there is a way to include clientID or any unique identifier in export that would later allow to restore same named entities?

Also we tried directory based export this silently ignores entities with same name and picks only one and restores that alone, so there is no error thrown with this approach, unfortunately this also will not help us.

Command ran for directory approach

a0deploy export -c config.json -f directory -o ./sampleDir

a0deploy import -c config.json -i ./sampleDir

Any solution or workaround in supporting restoring entities with same name would be great help.

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