"Problem creating clients" error with Deploy CLI

Problem Statement

The description of the problem or what the customer is trying to do, using the customer’s words.

When importing tenant configuration via the import command in the Auth0 deploy CLI, If client creation is needed (client exists in tenant.yml file but not in tenant), it throws an error.


error: Problem creating clients {"name":"a1_6f5d0e83-1908-4d62-98a5-ad865746de6f","client_id":"r0VeSD5fziBgK6Y0vafJlRqyv2vT5AYW"}
Forbidden: This operation must be authorized by Auth0

Steps to reproduce

The issue is reproducible with the following steps :

  1. Include a new client in the tenant.yaml file which is not present in the Auth0 Tenant.
  2. Make sure to include the client_id in the client YAML structure.
  3. Import the YAML file to the Auth0 Tenant using the import command: a0deploy import --config_file config.json --input_file tenant.yaml --debug
  4. Check the deploy cli logs, you should see the Error : Forbidden: This operation must be authorized by Auth0


client_id field in the YAML file for te client structure is causing the create client Management API to fail with 403 error and error message and code:

This operation must be authorized by Auth0 operation_not_supported


Remove the client_id from the YAML file for the particular client, this way Auth0 will generate its own client ID.

In the event you would prefer not to remove the client ID, please contact support.