Don't use client name as unique identifier with deploy-cli

Feature: Don’t use client name as unique identifier with deploy-cli

Description: The deploy-cli treats the name of a client (app) as its unique identifier. The client name—a free form string that should be a consumer-friendly, consumer-facing application name—doesn’t make a good unique identifier. Use the client ID instead.

Use-case: This causes unnecessary weirdness when building a change management solution on top of the deploy-cli.

Thanks a lot for sharing this feedback! Relaying that to our dx-ecosystem team. Make sure Mark to upvote it so that it attracts as many votes as possible :slight_smile: We review those cards on a monthly basis so will let you know once we have any updates on that front!

@markd Hi Mark, the Deploy CLI uses non-traditional identifiers to remain tenant agnostic across multiple environments. I agree with the points you bring up but if we used the client’s ID as the identifier instead, your configuration would limit it to a single tenant. Enabling multi-tenant deployments is a fundamental feature of the Deploy CLI. You may consider adopting the Auth0 Terraform Provider if you want more granular control over clients, including applying human-friendly names.

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Thanks Will. Makes sense.

New feature request: a unique ID for each client—or tenant configuration object in general—which remains constant cross tenants! :slight_smile: