Fetching Email Address is slow

Hi everyone,

I have implemented a small Java sample to get the User-data (especially email) by requesting the API:

private JSONObject getJsonUserData(String userId) throws UnirestException, ParseException, AuthException {
    if (this.accessToken == null) {
        HttpResponse<String> r1 = Unirest.post(issuerUri + "oauth/token")
                .header("content-type", "application/json")
                .body("{\"client_id\":\"" + clientId +
                        "\",\"client_secret\":\"" + clientSecret +
                        "\",\"audience\":\"" + issuerUri +

        JSONObject o = (JSONObject) (new JSONParser()).parse(r1.getBody());
        this.accessToken = o.get("access_token").toString();

    HttpResponse<String> response = Unirest.get(issuerUri + "api/v2/users/" + URLEncoder.encode(userId))
            .header("authorization", "Bearer " + this.accessToken)

    return (JSONObject) (new JSONParser()).parse(response.getBody());

Fetching the “AccessToken” is quite fast, but the second request to the “/api/v2/users/XXX” is loading endless.

Any ideas?


Hi @StuzfuzDwineR,

This is hard to diagnose without more info. How slow is it? Or is it endless (not responding)? If you are seeing an error that would be helpful too.

hi @dan.woda
thanks for your reply.
It is loading endless.

Is there a better way available to fetch Email addresses from Users?

It shouldn’t be loading endless. Please post your code.