.Net SDK - Slow response using RefreshTokenAsync and GetUserInfoAsync

We are experiencing an slow response using the methods RefreshTokenAsync and GetUserInfoAsync. The refresh token takes up to 4.500ms and get user info up to 2.500ms. Our tenant is on a Free plan, is it normal to took too long?

  • Which SDK does this apply to?
    Auth0.OidcClient.Core / Auth0.OidcClient.WPF

  • Which verison of the SDK you are using?
    3.1.2 / 3.1.3

  • Which version of the platform are you facing this error on?
    .Net Standard 2 / .Net Framework 4.7.2

Hey there @kitesoftware!

Can I ask you in order to handle that most effectively to raise this issue in the GitHub repo so that you can work with the tool maintainers directly? Make sure to share the link with us here so we can ping them!


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Thank you I just pinged repo maintainers about that!

Hey there @kitesoftware!

The repo maintainer did checked that and he doesn’t think it’s anything with the OIDC library. He ran a test and getuserinfo returned in 154 ms.

Additional info:

Looks like test test app that returns in 250ms for us is taking 10x that for you in Argentina. Definitely not a problem with the SDK.

@konrad.sopala, thanks to follow our issue. I’ve did a test yesterday and it’s not normal to have more than 2000ms to get user info. We work with Azure and Linode and our ping with these services is lower than 200ms.

Unfortunately I don’t know how we can help you troubleshoot that as it’s definitely not coming from our SDK. Response time is one thing as when we tested they were low. Mm try reaching out to Azure or Linode community whether someone have similar issue with any other SDK?

I would try to find a team internally that handle connectivity issues and try to tackle it with them

We tested with other ISP, and network, and the ping is equal or above 2000ms.

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Thanks for the info! As soon as I get some info from the team working on connectivity I will let you know!

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