GetUserInfoAsync() blowing up on C# .NET Framework Auth0.AuthenticationApi

Hello, I am trying to get my application to log in using the .NET Framework’s Auth0.AuthenticationApi version 7.14.0, but am getting an exception thrown when doing the following:

  1. Use client.BuildAuthorizationUrl() to get my login url URL, redirect to this and get user to login (OK)
  2. Get a token with client.GetTokenAsync(…) (Returns with a code which seems to be a valid token - OK)
  3. Call client.GetUserInfoAsync(…) - Blows up with the following error as shown below:

clientID cannot be null

TRACKING ID: 80396527f6c94061efca I have populated the client id property in the GetTokenAsync() method so not sure why the next api call is blowing up like this? Behind the scenes the users are coming out of an Active Directory Windows Connector, but that side of it in the SPA and .NET core example apps seems to be fine. Any information on why this is happening would be great. Best regards, Sam