Getting ApiException: Unauthorized .Net AuthenticationApiClient


I’m trying to get /userinfo using the .Net SDK AuthenticationApiClient, but I can only get the I allways end up with the ApiException: Unauthorized.

In the Startup I have the options.Scope.Add("openid"); in my scopes.

My code itself:

  public object UserInformation {  get
  		if(_userInformation == null)
  			string accessToken = _User.Claims.FirstOrDefault(c => c.Type == "access_token").Value;

  			if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(accessToken))
  				var apiClient = new AuthenticationApiClient(new Uri(""));
  				var userInfo = apiClient.GetUserInfoAsync(accessToken).Result;
  				this._userInformation = userInfo;

  		return this._userInformation;

I’ve spent many hours now scouring the docs and other resources, and could really use a pointer right now :smiley:

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