Feedback Opportunity: Enabling User Invitation


I’m Michael and work as a Product Manager looking after User Management here at Auth0.

User onboarding is core to every application builders’ solution. In many apps this is done by way of invitation which needs to be simple for users as well as secure for organizations. Implementation can be tricky as there are a lot of edge cases to consider. We really want to hear your frustrations (and joys why not?) when using Auth0 to design and implement user invitation flows.

Topic: Product discovery on implementing user invitation (30 min via Zoom)

  • What is the intended admin and user experience?
  • Developer experience - how was the experience modeled (with or without Auth0)?
  • What were the most painful aspects of implementation? Ongoing support?
  • Feedback on ideas we’re considering

Book some time on our Calendar and we’ll be happy to have a quick 1:1.

Your opinions count so much that we’ll use them to inform and build our future backlog!


Thanks Michael for taking Community voice into account!

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