Feature request: webfinger support

Feature: Within an Auth0 tenant, I want to be able to verify users through webfinger

Description: Requests for this feature have been posted in other auth0 fora … see Support for WebFinger in Auth0 OpenID Connection applications? … What would be excellent for my use case would be the ability to discover accounts housed within my auth0 tenant through this mechanism.

Use-case: I am working on setting up a tailscale tailnet scoped to my individual auth0 tenant. In order to do this, tailscale requires an IdP. OIDC is one of the options that tailscale offers when setting up the IdP. However, tailscale requires webfinger support as well in order to configure OIDC as an IdP. Since auth0 tenants do not support webfinger as part of its OIDC implementation, I cannot use Auth0 as an OIDC IdP for tailscale, which is unfortunate.

If I’m wrong about this, and if there is a way to set up an auth0 tenant as an IdP for tailscale, I would love to be referred to some documentation that illustrates how this can be done. Thanks!