Support for WebFinger in Auth0 OpenID Connection applications?

Hi, I’m trying to support integrating against our product from a number of identity providers that support OpenID Connect, like Auth0, but in such a way as to need as minimal customization between each provider as possible.

Auth0 supports some of the .well-known endpoints like /.well-known/openid-configuration, but not WebFinger, a discovery mechanism for looking up an account with an IdP which has become reasonably widespread over the last decade, and includes support in many identity products including Okta, Auth0’s parent company.

From an integrator’s perspective (e.g. me), use of WebFinger allows us to build out a secure implementation that can target many different platforms, and very generically. For example, you can see how Tailscale leverages it to provide a “bring your own OIC provider” feature to their users.

My question is: is there a particular reason that Auth0 doesn’t support WebFinger, or is it just a feature that was never prioritized?


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Hi @brandur,

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From what I can find, there isn’t a particular reason why. Feel free to create a feature request for it in our #feedback category.


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