Fail to get email from twitter

Hi, I’m very new to use Auth0.

Even though I follow the process on the document(, I repeatedly fail to get email from twitter.

I generate Consumer API keys at Twitter Developer App Management ( and fill them at Twitter settings on Auth0, but get following message when I clicked ‘TRY’.

“error”: “access_denied”,
“error_description”: “Error retrieving email from twitter: [object Object]”

Could anyone tell me any idea about the cause?

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Hi @h1-matsuda Welcome to auth0 community. Just to confirm you have followed instructions here for this specific message, right?

Have you configured valid urls for T&S and Privacy policy? 02%20am

Also, you can use twitter account with just phone number as well. Are you testing with a user that actually has an email set on twitter?

Thank you for reply,

Sorry for late notice, I already registered Terms of service URL and Privacy policy URL as well, these are confirmed valid.
Also, I tested twitter account with both phone number and email but ended up failing.
Could you come up with any other cause aside from them?

I resolved the problem adding configuration values in Settings, like this:

The documentation isn’t clear. I need to debug the whole rule to understand why fail. I have started a new project 2 months ago, I found documentation in some cases is weird, incomplete or confuse.

Thanks, I had the same issue and fixed it following your suggestions.