Facing issue while doing login through auth0

  1. Hi friends, I was working on a MERN stack web app which includes a login system that I’m implementing using Auth0 (because the tutorial I’m following also used this website for login). I’ve written the exact code as in the tutorial, but still, when I try to log in with my Google account, it opens a page which shows like this dev-c8ykirgh8pasbjtf

Oops!, something went wrong" page instead of working like the tutorial. In the tutorial, it logs in perfectly, but mine isn’t working. If any of you can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

hey @sultan.mohd2023 ,

are you using the Google OAuth option?
if so, you need to enable an official social connection without development keys
you can change this by click on Authentication > Social in the Auth0 dashboard and changing the setting and following the steps to set up a Google OAuth Connection

If you are not using OAuth when this is happening, I would need more details to see what is wrong.
Providing a screenshot of the error (blur/blackout any info as needed), logs in Auth0, whether the Users dashboard shows a successful login, the full URL for the error page, the console output for the error page, and an explanation of what the tutorial said to do would be helpful.
But I would recommend checking that you set up the actual project/repository correctly and whether the code used in the tutorial OUTSIDE of the auth0 application settings are different - often with the tutorials, the smallest details are pretty important and it’ll be more likely to work when you follow the small details.

Hii @secomm , I didn’t get what you said about Google Auth thing. If you are confirming that I am logging with my Google Account then yes. Sure I am attaching Screenshots here. Pls brother help me I am stuck in this problem since last week pls and I appreciate for help.