Facebook/LinkedIn confirmation screen on login missed

Hello there,

In Login flow with Auth0 in iOS when user login second time shows blank webpage hide it without any user interaction and get token from LinkedIn or Facebook.

In Native SDK of Facebook or LinkedIn user has to press confirmation button with a message like “You have previously logged in with APP”.

there is any way to show the same behaviour with Auth0 SDK?

Thanks all!!

Hey there @ricardoantolin!

Sorry for the delay in response. Let me understand you the right way so you talk about a situation when user logs into the system using social connection let’ say Facebook or Linkedin for second time and you want to have it displayed the info “You have…” is that correct?

As far as I know for now we don’t have such feature implemented but you can always place a feature request for our product team to have it implemented in the future. Here’s our feedback site:

Thanks for that!

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