Facebook keeps prompting for linking account

When using Facebook login (hosted with Auth0), we are now sent through the FB login process, permissions pages, etc. on every single login. This used to not be the case. How do we fix this?

Hey there @tomtenaglia!

Thanks for reporting that! Let me do some research why it started happening like that and get back to you. You haven’t changed anything in the meantime, have you?

Haven’t changed anything. It seemed to start within the last month.

Thank you! I’ll get back to you once I have news to share!

@tomtenaglia would you be able to share here some screenshots of those pages to actually let us see the whole flow? Nobody reported something like that before and we’re trying do dive into it.

Sure. Here you are…


Thank you a lot for that! Let us establish why it started behaving this way!

Can I ask you for one more thing as initially it looks like it’s controlled from Facebook side. Cana you record a HAR file for me of the whole process so we can take a look at the requests? Here’s how to do it:

Thanks - here are some images from the debugger. If you need the full HAR file, is there a secure location I can upload the HAR file? The two images from the console are the top and bottom of the message. Not sure where this CORS restriction is coming from (and I don’t know what the duplicate resource is referring to in the Network screenshot).

Yes you can upload the HAR file directly via private message or use Google Drive or Dropbox cause I actually need to go through the whole logs history.

Thanks - I sent a PM with the HAR.

Thank you! Let me investigate it and get back to you!

Any luck @konrad.sopala?

@tomtenaglia Can you share how you make the authorize request towards Auth0 from within your client application (what technology are you using, and which Auth0 library?)?
Just to make sure you’re not forcing the prompt due to a set parameter (prompt=consent) somwhere, see:

All I’m setting are:

domain, clientID, responseType, scope, audience, redirectUri

and then calling auth0.WebAuth using the PHP library.

When I first wrote the app, this behavior didn’t happen. Not sure why it started occurring.


I checked Tom’s HAR file and there’s nothing wrong with it. Everything comes as expected. All status codes are 200s.