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Unexpected behavior after removing one permission from our Facebook-connection

After removing “business-management” from required permissions in the Facebook connection, a confirmation dialog started to show up in every login even after confirmation.

Hi @iyadshami,

I have not seen this issue previously. Is this an issue with Auth0, or with your facebook settings config?

Let me know,

Thanks for your response,

To understand you better, What do you mean with “Facebook settings”?
our application has been in production for almost 1 year, and we have not faced this behavior until I removed “business-management” permission.

the auth0 login does not redirect to our app, it shows the dialog immediately after pressing login button, so I think this is something related to Auth0.

can you provide me with the steps of how auth0 deals with the changing of Facebook permissions.
and one other thing, I noticed that when the dialog appears, the Facebook SDK version that appears in the URL shows “v2.10” does this have anything to do with the behavior we are facing.

We really appreciate your help, thank you.

Hi @dan.woda,

We are still facing the same behavior, any help will be appreciated.

Hi @iyadshami,

Sorry for the delay.

The Auth0 dashboard leverages the Auth0 management API PATCH api/v2/connections/{id} endpoint to update connections.!/Connections/patch_connections_by_id

Is facebook asking for permission to business management in the prompt? Essentially, is that a required permission that is not being requested from auth0 since you have deactivated it, and it is not having to request access every login.

I searched further and cant find any instances and am unable to reproduce the issue.

I have a few questions.

Can you please DM me a HAR file of the behaviour so I can investigate further?

Also, does the behavior stop if you turn the permission back on?