Facebook business_management Permission

  1. We have a Facebook App.
  2. We use it for logging in. We currently use the following permissions: public_profile, user_friends, and email. We want to add the following: business_management.
    Here is a link describing this permission:
    Permissions Reference - Graph API - Documentation - Meta for Developers
  3. In the Auth0 control panel, I don’t see any place where I can choose business_management.

Where and how can I add this Facebook Graph API Permission?

Thank you.

This is not currently supported by the Facebook connection - I have submitted this request internally. Unfortunately I cannot commit to the implementation or ETA of this feature.

Any suggestion on workarounds, or should we leave Auth0 and just do the users/login stuff ourselves?

Are there any updates to when the business_management permission for Facebook may be added back? Is there a reason that this particular permission is not listed as an option? We appreciate any update or feedback as this would be very beneficial to us.