Extending Facebook/other social platform sign in

Hi - I’m building out a small app that allows a user to register via auth0 and then allows the user to grant my Facebook app access to the users profile.

Currently this is a two step process; firstly the user must sign in with auth0 and secondly connect and authenticate with Facebook to allow my Facebook app to see a list of their pages.

Am I best to keep these two actions separate, or can I consilidate then in to one when adding in sign in with Facebook to my auth0 app?


Hey there @mtunney, I apologize for the delay in response.

I would like to find out more about the use case and the exact data you are seeking so we can better suggest a solution for you. When you get a moment, if this is still a challenge for you please share what you can.

Due to the age of this post I will go ahead and leave the topic open for 10 days unless I hear from you. Thank you.