Facebook signup - Authentication API

I’m new with Auth0, I created an application and I want to be able to login with Facebook. Everything works fine from the dashboard (Try button from the social connection).
My question is how can I use Authentication API to signup with Facebook and create a user in Auth0? I do not manage to do it:(
Thank you!

Hey there @srk !

Can you tell me for which platform do you want to build your app? Depending on the platform that you are building solution for we have multiple quickstarts that will guide you through implementing a sign-in/sign-up widget in your app. Here are the resources:

Let me know if that helps!

hi konrad,

i.m using resource owner password grant flow with custom login and sign up page. how can i integrate login through facebook in that flow. i didnt find any end point to do login call ? can u please somemore info on that.

Hey there!

Terribly sorry for such long delay in response. We’re doing our best in providing the best developer support experience out there but sometimes the number of incoming questions is just too big for our headcount. Terribly sorry for that.

Don’t know if you’ve already tackled the problem but in terms of resources owner password grant flow you can find the authentication api endpoint here:

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