Errors when attempting DropBox / Apple as sign in methods

I’ve been trying to integrate DropBox / Apple as sign in methods in my app using Auth0’s dev keys.

Attempting to sign in with either throws an error on Auth0 and DropBox

Other sign in methods work perfect (Google, Credentials), though DropBox / Apple don’t even make it back to my api’s callback.

Could it be the dev keys provided by Auth0? Misconfiguration?


Hi @liran.udi,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

That dropbox error suggests that Auth0’s Dropbox dev keys have hit their user limit.

I would suggest setting up your own dev keys (you’ll want to do this anyways).

For the Apple Connection, are you seeing a specific error?

Hi Dan,
Thank you for the reply

No specific error for Apple, just a redirect to Auth0 (NOT my host!), just the error “Looks like something went wrong” (first screencap)

Understood about the dev keys, will setup my own and will test again

Thank you!

You should be able to find better errors in your tenant logs, or by using inspector to look at the request.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘not my host’. Could you elaborate?

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