Error when Running the Terraform Apply Command "403 Forbidden" on auth0_client Resource

Problem statement

When running the “Terraform apply” command, the following error message occurs:

Plan: 0 to add, 2 to change, 0 to destroy.
│ Error: 403 Forbidden: The account is not allowed to perform this operation, please contact our support team.
│ with auth0_client....,
│ on line 1224, in resource "auth0_client" "...":
│ 1224: resource "auth0_client" "..." {


  • Receiving a 403 Forbidden error on an auth0_client resource when running terraform apply.
  • Potentially getting the error after generating a terraform config of a tenant using auth0 tf generate (auth0 cli).
  • Has the field require_pushed_authorization_requests included in the auth0_client resource (the value true/false does not matter).

Steps to reproduce

  • Include the field require_pushed_authorization_requests in an auth0_client resource (the value true/false does not matter) on a tenant that does not have PAR enabled, and perform a terraform apply.


The require_pushed_authorization_requests field can only be used in auth0_client resources when Push Authorization Requests (PAR) has been enabled on the tenant.


Remove the require_pushed_authorization_requests field from all auth0_client resources in their Auth0 Terraform Provider config.