Auth0 Terraform provider: facing 403s when trying to modify an `auth0_client` resource

I’ve been trying to get an answer for this question, which apparently has been asked before: Error: 403 Forbidden with Terraform - #9 by luis.ordaz.

I’ve been able to successfully auto generate my current configuration at my tenant, and I’ve been able to import it into terraform and now I’m keeping state. Nonetheless, when I try to modify a resource, I get this error message:

Error: 403 Forbidden: The account is not allowed to perform this operation, please contact our support team.

The application/M2M I’m using has ALL scopes enabled.

I am facing the same issue…pls let me know if you have resolved it…

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Hey there @luis.ordaz and @bharath!

Do you see a require_pushed_authorization_requests in your auth0_client resource? If so, I believe if you omit that (it’s related to a feature flag) this error should be resolved.

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Hey @tyf : yup, I became aware of that attribute being the culprit and removed it a couple of hours ago. Do you know where we can find documentation explaining these sort of scenarios?

++ I filed a bug a couple of hours ago explaining the expectation around an optional attribute (of having it set in the resource block with a false value and omitting it having the exact same result)

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Thanks a ton, btw, for adding context of it being part of a feature flag.

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This was the issue…thanks a lot!

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No problem, happy to help and sorry for the confusion!

Thanks @luis.ordaz !

It looks like there was a pull request to update the terraform registry docs, I think this particular issue was just an oversight :confused:

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