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Error when calling Authorization API: {"code":502,"message":"error fetching webtask code"}

I keep getting the above error when attempting to call the Authorization Extension API. The error occurs on multiple endpoints: users/{userId}/roles, users/{userId}/groups, ``

It seems to be sporadic and I can’t tell what might be causing it. Making the same call later will be successful.

I believe this might have started happening after the switch to the Node v8 engine for our tenant, but I can’t be sure.

Hey there @khumphrey and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

I would be happy to help you with this but I was wondering if you have any additional errors or details you can share with us rather through console or logs. I understand that the error is sporadic but do you see any patterns that can help us identify what may be occurring? Thanks in advance!

I don’t, unfortunately. We’re making a REST request to the API and that is the deserialized response we received.

It’s a standard request. I can issue the same request from Postman immediately after a failure and that request will succeed. It seems something fails to initialize in the API.

Is there logging in the extension to see what might be happening?

Give this a shot @khumphrey and we may be able to find out a bit more details on what is exactly happening here. Thanks!

I have that extension installed and have used it to debug custom rules, but it seems to just be realtime. Do I need to leave the browser window open to capture logs or can previous logs be searched/monitored?

This will allow you to capture details in real time as they happen which will give us a window as long as it’s running to find more information on the code 502 errors. Leveraging the output will allow us to know where to look from there.

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