"error in email - email format validation failed" by using /dbconnections/signup

to register new user we implemented /dbconnections/signup into our Xamarin Android and IOS app. In 99% of all registrations everythink works correct.

But we have some users which cannot register and get the error message

{ “error”:“error in email - email format validation failed: name@domain.de”}

I checked the address and calls and email, password, connection and client_id are set correctly.

As I checked the mail addresses which failed are not blacklisted and is well formed. If I try to enter an really invalid mail address (like spaces insight) I get the same error, but then it’s ok.

Is there any internal email validation inside the api call? I don’t have any other rules etc.

Another question regarding that. I cannot see sees failed registrations inside the log. Is there a way that these error will be logged too? User which enters the mail address twice for example will be logged.

Thanks in advance for your help
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Hi @t.albers,

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Can you please provide an example of the email that if failing validation? If it is sensitive, you can DM it to me directly.

I am seeing a failed signup log (type: ‘fs’) when a user provides the same email twice to the /dbconnections/signup endpoint.

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