SignUp is resulting in failure

Hi Everybody!

I have an a issue with sign up and login using Auh0 in android. Trying to sign up via client.signUp(email, password, connection).start() results me in failure, AuthenticationException says me there is 404 not found. When trying to sign up under the same email is also returning me 404 but the message is “Email already signed up”. And web admin is seeing this user in database so we can say that user is really signed up. The same is happening with the login to the system. Getting 404 and nothing more. Can you explain please what is going wrong?


:wave: @a.artsimovich can you try passing the callback to the .start() method ( .start(callback) ).

It seems like the user does get signed up despite the error thrown, the error must be occurring after the signup happens, and so when you try to signup again the user already existed.