Not able to sign up using email and password for embedded login for Android Mobile SDK

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    minSdkVersion 21
    targetSdkVersion 32

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    Android Studio Chipmunk | 2021.2.1 Patch 1

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    We created a sample embedded login page using the repo auth0/Lock.Android. When signing up, if we use the option “Sign up with Google”, it allows to create the user and the same user reflects on user management users section as well. However, if we try to sign up using username and password, it gives the error “There was an error processing the sign in” at the very top.

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Hi there @ruchidhore93 welcome to the community!

Thanks for the detailed description and screenshot as well :smile: I believe this might be happening due to an incorrect (or nonexistent) redirect/callback url. I noticed in the readme we have instructions to add
https://{YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN}/android/{YOUR_APP_PACKAGE_NAME}/callback as a redirect url in the application settings in Auth0. However, we also have the scheme defined as demo in the sample app - With this, the redirect url should look like demo://{YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN}/android/ instead. Are you able test with this and let us know?

I imagine this is due to the fact that we encourage the use of Auth0.Android and Universal Login in general - Please see this article on native vs. browser based approaches.

Hope this helps!

We might use universal login in long term but at the moment ux is not accepted i.e. it opens up webview.
We want our application to have native experience, hence we are exploring native login using Android.Lock. While trying to implement that, we started noticing that, Android.Lock does not support MFA for signup but it does support MFA at the time of login. We also looked at Android.Lock code base and we do not see corresponding logic to display MFA setup screen on sign up. We wanted to confirm with auth0 that, auth0 does not support MFA with native login using Android.Lock? If it does support, then is there anything that we are missing?

Gotcha! Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Lock.Android does indeed support MFA - Please see this PR for details:

Hi @tyf , Yes. I went through that code but I did not find anything related to sign up. Code that you linked seems to be applicable to Login. And as we confirmed, login flow works fine. I can see 2FA screen for login workflow.
Problem here is with sign up flow when 2FA is enabled. We do not see 2FA setup screen when we try to signup.

Thanks for clarifying - I am not seeing anything specifically related to sign up either. In that case you’d most likely need to handle this part of the flow yourself, and/or create an issue against the GH repo itself. I unfortunately do not have any samples to point at regarding how to implement :confused:

Hi @tyf , I dont think I have a access to open a issue at github repo. :frowning_face:

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Right! Sorry I overlooked that from previously - I’ve reached out to the maintainers of the repo and will let you know, thanks for your patience! :man_bowing:

Hi there @kpritam! It looks like the issues section of the Lock.Android should be open again - Our apologies! Would you mind creating an issue for sign up with MFA there?

I’m going to go ahead and mark one of my previous posts as the solution to the original question.


I have raised this issue here:

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