All signups showing as signup attacks

On my production tenant, when trying to complete a signup I am just shown the following message:

When looking in the Auth0 portal it seems that all the signup attempts have come through as Signup attacks and I am not sure why?

Would this be related to my networking or my configuration of the application?

Welcome @bradley.plater1 , thank you for posting!

Based on your logs, I can see that all failed sign-ups were due to attempts to use an email address that already exists in the Auth0 database.

You can filter logs using this short Lucene query syntax:
and you will see that all sign-up attempts are linked to an email, and a user with this email already exists in the “Username-Password-Authentication”. With this email, you can log in but not sign up.

Could you please test the sign-up with a different email address and let us know?

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