Invalid_signup when email contains +test?

We’ve noticed an error trying to sign up to our application using the email address “”, but “” works fine.

Why is this happening?

Is this something that we can configure for our tenant?

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I tested out adding and in my own tenant, and it looks like both sign-ups are successful.

To help troubleshoot this, can you look in your dashboard logs and see if there are any additional details about the error?


Thanks for having a look at this. Turns out that the account already existed!

The developer who was testing this was getting the error 400 (invalid_signup) but not the error user_exists. Wouldn’t that have been more appropriate in this instance?

The error will be invalid_signup if your tenant has the “Use a generic response in public signup API error message” setting turned on (by default it is on). This setting is located in the “Advanced” tab in your tenant settings.

A generic error message is returned in this case to help protect against username enumeration attack.

Here is more information about the response: Auth0 Support Center

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