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So we’re implementing our own custom UI and custom signup. Everything is working as expected, We are able to fill the custom signup form and then call the “/dbconnections/signup” endpoint and get the correct response when the email and username are unique, but when We try to signup again using an email that already exist We get a response with {status:400, statusText: “Bad request”, …}. So our question is if it’s possible to know the exact reason for the failure, for example if the user enters an email that is already used We would like to tell the user that “The email already exists” or if the username is already used “The username is already used”. We already disabled the “Use generic response in public signup api”. Thanks in advance.

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I note you mentioned that you already disabled "Use generic response in public signup api error message” but please check if this is actually disabled as below in Settings > Advanced:

I tested this out in my tenant with the setting as above and a duplicate email produced:

{“name”:“BadRequestError”,“code”:“user_exists”,“description”:“The user already exists.”,“statusCode”:400}

A duplicate username produced:

{“name”:“BadRequestError”,“code”:“username_exists”,“description”:“The username provided is in use already.”,“statusCode”:400}

So this should work as expected.

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