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Error creating a new tenant

I’ve been trying to create a new tenant in the US zone, but I’m presented with an error message

" Error! Unexpected failure trying to create a new tenant."

Anyone else experiencing this? Trying to create a tenant to manage production application. Pls advice!

Hi @nandini,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Are you creating a new and unique tenant name? This error may occur when a tenant name is reused, even if the previous tenant with the same name was deleted.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @dan.woda - thanks for your response. Yes, I’m creating a new and unique tenant. I continue to have the same issues. Is this perhaps a permission issue?

Hi @nandini,

Could you DM me your tenant names?


Will it be possible to get my tenant reinstated, even if against a onetime payment? How difficult is it to flag the tenant to active again?
Can you please help?

Hi @h.n.c.cox,

Unfortunately, as specifically stated during the deletion process, it is not possible to recover deleted tenants at this time. For future reference, it may be useful to reset a tenant to keep ownership of the name.

If you require a specific domain, you can still achieve that by setting a custom domain.


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