Creation of new tenant failed and now cannot allocate

While adding a new tenant with our official corporate name, I had the error: " Error! Unexpected failure trying to create a new tenant." while adding in EU.

I tried to create a new account with a new email, it accepted the new corporate with a “green”, then got “unexpected failure […]”.

It might well be that a colleague added the tenant and then deleted it, just wondering if the tenant is in a sort of “limbo”.

We need to get that name “back” before proceeding with an official sales contact from our corporation.

Can you help?

Hey there @gpaterno!

Great to have you in our community. Unfortunately you did something bad that you probably wasn’t aware of. Once you create the tenant and delete it, we do not release tenant names which means that in your scenario you can never use the tenant name you used again.

Here is more about that: