Can't create my first tenant

I just created an account on Auth0 as we consider to use this service to handle authentication of our cloud application. I received the email that asks me to confirm my registration; I clicked on the verify link… so far so good, then I decide to connect with my new admin user to setup everything… so I get the screen to create my first tenant. I provide the tenant domain, the region, I click on next… so far so good again… then I get the “tell us more screen” to fill in information of the kind of usage I want to do with this tenant. I mention the account type (“company”), the name of my company, the amount of employees, my role, and the “onboarding tutorial”. Then I click on “create account”. Then I get the following error: " The request to create your account has failed, the tenant domain chosen was taken. Please try again with other tenant domain name or contact us." The problem is that it was taken for a previous account that I have, and it was cancelled. I would like to link it to my new account. How can I do?

Hey @paillave!

I’m not 100% sure but I remember a few people having same problems as you have. Not sure if it’s doable though. Let me check it internally and get back to you soon!

It seems like we don’t release deleted tenant names

If you have a paid account you can use custom domains to set something like, so the tenant name shouldn’t matter.

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